Why Animal Crossing "New Horizons" is 2020's new favorite game

There is no going out in the middle of a pandemic, but for Nintendo Switch users, everyone can take a holiday on a sprawling beach in Animal Crossing. The newest spinoff is the brand’s first full HD gameplay, and it comes packed with new interactions and high-level visuals. Of course, it keeps some of its classic details intact; users still collect bugs as currencies, exchange money for clothes, and met new friends.

Animal crossing: a great synopsis

Everything begins with Tom Nook, a swanky raccoon who offers a seaside vacation to a remote island. Beginners, of course, starts with a tent, but as the game furthers on, users can collect wood and use recipes to create things, a practical alchemy that allows various concoctions of exceptionally quirky items as long as the ingredients are on hand. One must remember, though, that Animal Crossing: New Horizon relies on a daily progress. Some items are made available according to how many real-life hours are spent in the game.

It’s not a vacation without challenges. Tom Nook himself is quite the antihero, presenting users with large bills to cover their vacation costs. Players advised to wipe their mortgage clean first. Catch bugs, especially the tarantulas on a certain island, and exchange them in Blather’s museum to help cover the costs. One way to pay is by getting Nook Miles, a surprisingly nifty currency hidden inside the Nook Phone. Not only does it help one hop off from one island to another, it can also unlock many other options – like upgrading from a tent to a new house. Random items come along the way, but they are not for decoration. The washed-up bottles contain letters for creating random recipes, and alternatively, can be sold off for a few Bells. Balloons come with presents.

Other than its dynamic solo quests and user interaction, Animal Crossing: New Horizons feature in-game events. This perfect past time invites one to stay at home while indulging in colorful, bite-sized, beach-side entertainment.