Artist transforms her Instagram in a lockdown diary

Going through long periods of self-quarantine isn’t exactly easy for many. On a quest to flatten the curve, one has to keep their doors close, their selves in, and pass time with hardly knowing what day it is. In some cases, this season of isolation isn’t exactly fun nor emotionally healthy. But artist Emmy Lupin has discovered ways to get through a pandemic, and it’s what she does best – draw!

Emmy Lupin : an artist to discover

While illustrating is a solo pursuit, the UK-based artist found it difficult to focus on her work. There’s a pressure on her being productive, especially that she now had time in her hands. Being shut in causes trepidation, and a constant thirst for company. With a swing of emotions and inspirations, Emmy conveys her feelings through artwork and wonderfully does so in vibrant colors and floral themes. In an artwork, she lists down the books she had read, including Dolly Alderton’s Everything I know About Love, Amy Tan’s The Kitchen God’s Wife, and Kiley Reid’s Such a Fun Age – all in their unique covers. She expresses her yearning for her family as she draws a two-panel illustration of two women writing to each other while apart. She also indicates that she is a part of the “No Sleep Club,” where sleep hardly comes at the time that it should. And lastly, as an advice to those who work from home, a lovely girl in a rosy printed dress, telling onlookers to “Remember to stretch.”

Books, coffee, and social media have been Emmy’s company during this lockdown season, and these themes appear frequently in her illustrated diary. Delivering honest ways to cope, Emmy generously shares her introspections during the quiet of the quarantine and hoping that others can relate to it.

Currently residing in London, Emmy Lupin’s work has been featured in the lifestyle niche. Her clients include MacMillan, Shondaland, Stylist, and Adobe.