Artists promoting artists is not just a trend, it is a way of life

Creative vocation is a lonesome journey, one that artists undertake with bouts of doubt and winding introspection. Discovery is a hit or miss – and artists, even in their own department, tend to feel desolate. It is crucial to throw constant uplifting along their way, and for any artist trudging that path towards a brilliant Eureka! getting support is already gratifying, especially when it comes from another artist.

On Twitter, creatives band together for good, creating annual trends that will boost the community’s enthusiasm as well as a much-needed exposure. There’s a treasure-trove of visually inspiring hashtags on the platform that connects artists to another, unearthing unknown talents from the background, and provide a gurgling network of people with similar passion, ones that could offer feedback as well as positive encouragement.

Among the most anticipated hashtags is #PortfolioDay, where creatives feature their best works that are liked and retweeted by everyone following the trend. #VisibleWomen stars the works of female-identifying artists, showcasing stunning illustrations, ethereal photography and even adorable short animations. #DrawingWhileBlack stars art from the brilliant black community, and the regular hashtag #ArtistsOnTwitter gathers a community of illustrators with various specialization who would like to share their work with other artists.

Why is it important for artists to cheer on another? More than an ego boost, it lets the artist know that they are not alone, that there is a place for their passion and creative style, and that others, too, could understand their perspective. Having another artist vouch for their work is like a warm pat on the shoulder, something every creative need during challenging times of confusion.

There are many ways artists can support artists. Keep them in the network. Write a post about them. Follow them on their social media. Retweet their posts – just don’t forget to leave the credits and avoid cropping the watermarks. Or just give their drawings that favorable heart.

Encouragement is a gift that keeps on giving, and for every creative that willingly goes out of their way to show their support, charity is its own reward.