Best for brands, why should you create original Instagram AR Filters

From curated galleries and IG TV, Instagram unleashes another feature that will make the platform more enjoyable to use – AR Filters. This new option is made available next to the gallery tab, represented with a smiley icon and a pair of sparkles. AR (Augmented Reality) filters are CG effects used as a background over an image (or a video). It could be as simple as repetitive words, or as extravagant as a fully detailed backdrop.

This isn’t new; those who have been using Instagram Stories have been using a variety of AR Filters – from bunny ears to falling flowers – on their background. But now, Instagram allows brands to create their own.

Last May 2019, its mother company Facebook unveiled user access to the Spark AR Studio Platform. The app is no longer limited to artists and designers; anyone who wants to express their brand’s unique persona can [create and publish their own custom filters]{:target=”_blank”}( These filters are available in the Effect Gallery and users can save them in their Effect tray for easier access in the future.

What does this do for your brand?

Say the message. Not only are you gifting your audience free art for their selfies, but these filters increase your brand awareness and help you promote your cause.

Stand out, but with full color. You are not just a social media presence; your audience can enjoy your brand through various effects – from masks, glasses, glittery eyes, and hats.

Make it ripple. When users post their Stories using your AR Filter, they are also promoting your brand, leading more people to know more about you and your company.

Having these filters will help you connect to your audience and cement your brand’s unique personality. AR Filters are created via Spark AR Studio. The intuitive app is available on both Mac and Windows and comes with loads of tutorials for navigating the world of CG effects.

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