The 50 Most Unique Lost Items in Ubers 🚕

Remember when you forgot your phone in the Uber after coming back from the party? Well, this is not as original as forgetting a mice, an oxygen tank or a hard boiled egg … Indeed, these are the kind of items that people left in a Uber.

You are going to be amazed by people’s creativity.

Let’s dive right now into the 50 most unique lost items in Ubers

  1. Mice for my pet snake to eat

  2. A specimen cup from the doctor’s office

  3. Husband’s CPAP sleep machine

  4. A cooler of breastmilk

  5. A six pack of much needed toilet paper

  6. One fake cosmetic tooth and a skin colored retainer

  7. An apron from Krispy Kreme

  8. A cat paw print from the vet

  9. Keys with my dead dog’s dog tag with the name “Lucy”

  10. Lanyard that says “virginity rocks”

  11. A boulder

  12. My wife’s weed

  13. Meat

  14. A bubble machine

  15. A purple suede weightlifting belt with blue stitching that says ‘FEARLESS’

  16. An oxygen tank

  17. A brown bag with a Nightmare Before Christmas costume, a Harry Potter wand and a Batman game

  18. Cat tarot cards

  19. Swarovski binoculars

  20. A coconut purse. Literally a black & white plaid coconut with a zipper and a string, ugly as possible. My ID and all my keys are in the coconut purse

  21. Jiu-Jitsu clothes and a towel

  22. The top part of my crutch

  23. A bedazzled tiny tube with an alien face in it

  24. Bag of three stuffed elves

  25. Sriracha themed high socks

  26. Little purple box with gold dental appliance (bottom grillz)

  27. Diamond cufflinks

  28. Gray dog tent with blue wee wee pads inside

  29. Game of Thrones wallet

  30. Bag of wigs

  31. A black leather choker with a silk chiffon piece

  32. My surfing helmet

  33. A special magnet gift for my grandfather in Poland

  34. A hard boiled egg and I don’t want it back

  35. Mustard-colored butt cushion

  36. Jerusalem Bible and a church picture

  37. Ouija board

  38. Small spooky figurines

  39. Cornhole bags for my cornhole set

  40. My pants and my sword

  41. A bag with Uggs and some curry powder

  42. Purple cup with a llama on it

  43. Guinea pig slippers

  44. A food processor

  45. A gold colored Star Trek shirt & fake ears

  46. Steam mop and a box of garbage

  47. A Ziploc containing approximately $12.00 in quarters

  48. An electric servo and a gray fuel pump

  49. A bag of onions & a cup of yogurt

  50. A white remote for an implanted stimulator

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