Netflix won't chill, streaming service dominates US market

Whoever coined “Netflix and chill” knows what it’s all about: the power of holding an entire library of the world’s most popular films, right at the tip of one’s fingers. No restrictions. No local limitations. It’s the world’s favorite past time, but this lockdown season, Netflix could turn into a full-time vocation – after all, people are not doing anything but binge-watching on the series they have missed and discovering new shoes to follow.


Netflix is occupying the first quarter of 2020, but that’s not surprising. 2019 was already the digital brand’s year. The company has reported an annual growth of 70% in 2019, and they’re foreseeing a 50% growth this new year, even at the rise of many other subscription-based streaming services. According to a survey done by Statista, Netflix reigns supreme in the US, the top choice of 85% respondents who paid for online video content in the past year. Amazon Prime comes next with 65%, and Hulu with 52%.

It’s not just their big menu of movies. Netflix has also started to produce movies - one of them, the Adam Driver and Scarlett Johannsen starrer Marriage Story, was nominated for the Oscars. Netflix has also diverged into original series, book adaptations, and even animation. Klaus, a 2D-animated movie that was made to feel like 3D, also had a nod from the Oscars.

While experts foresee that big corporations like Apple and Disney are ready to compete for the throne, Netflix is still sitting pretty with a 20% margin from its nearest rival. But the battle for US’ best streaming service continues; Marvel and Star Wars fans will definitely be hopping into Disney’s bandwagon. Hulu and Amazon Prime follow Netflix’s trails of producing original content. One thing is for sure; while everyone will be sitting at home during their self-quarantine and marathoning Money Heist, Netflix won’t be chilling.