3 best places to learn how to code

Computers run with codes. The easy-to-use interface is made up of several algorithms to provide visual aesthetics and functions at the click of the mouse. Programs such as the handy Notepad is built on scripts. The internet, without question, is a massive pile of encryptions, and even the plain-looking pages on the Google search is engineered with heavily-detailed scripts that are made to evolve with new queries. If you are planning to launch a website, or create an app, knowing how to code is important. Here are places to start:


Codeacademy was launched in August 2011 as an interactive website that provides free coding classes for beginners, offering basic to expert foundation in JavaScript, SQL, Sass, Python, Java, and C++. Tutorials are all bundled up under its massive Catalog. The Learn from Home feature gives opportunities for beginning coders to take expert classes - if you’re not sure which course to take on, they have a “Sorting Quiz” to help you find the best programming language that will suit you.


Udemy is another great resource to study coding. The website is made up of various programming classes that let you peek into making mobile apps, handling social media marketing, and other ways to use coding. Find the courses under “Development” down its Category list and get secrets from the experts at a subscription price.


Last but not least is Datacamp, a website that teaches how to intuitively deal with data sciences. The online hub offers free learning courses ranging from spreadsheets, git, SQL, and Spark. Bite-sized lessons allow users to learn courses through their own pace; some even including their own keyboard exercises so you can apply the knowledge. While free lessons are already useful to brushing up your coding knowledge, premium accounts under annual subscriptions offer unlimited learning access to other courses.